The Frog Prince-by TouchDelight

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★★★★★ Best and Classic interactive storybooks for kids on iPad, appeal to readers of all ages ★★★★★

"The Frog Prince" is one of the classsic TD Interactive Story books, a famous top selling series. It is created by education professionals and is designed to help children to learn while enjoying the fun of reading experience.

This story comes from the classic Brothers Grimms fable. There was a beautiful princess named Mary. One day, she was playing with a golden ball next to a pond when she accidentally dropped it into the water.then a frog picked it up for her and asked the princess to stay with him forever. Would the princess make a promise?And whats the secret of the frog?Let us find the answer in the classic TD Interactive Story books"The Frog Prince".Your kids will attempt to think about this interesting topic and get the basic sense of simple philosophy“Dont judge a book by its cover.” while enjoying this beautiful story.

- Original and entertaining interactive stories
- Professional voices in studio quality and professional narration
- Kids friendly interface, very easy to use
- Touchable characters with fun animations and sounds
- Build-in bookstore with ever-growing storybook selections
- Beautiful illustration and artwork for each scene

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